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“If it’s an athletic person, mention a not-well-known local hiking path.

If it’s someone who likes history or culture, mention an art gallery or historic landmark in your town. ” “Mention a recent movie or an upcoming event in your area and ask if the person has already seen it — or plans to sometime soon,” adds Dr. “This can spark a good conversation.” However, be sure to read your message out loud before sending it.

Good examples for filling in the blank include: “restaurants to try,” “books to read,” or “cities to visit.” Icebreaker #2: “Have you ever_____?

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“They also enjoy conversations where they’re asked for their opinion on a certain topic.

So, it’s best to let the person you’re messaging know why you simply had to get in touch.

We all want to feel that something about our profile stands out, so tell this person why this one struck you as being so special that you were compelled to write him or her about it. ” It’s OK to ask a “deep thoughts” kind of question, as long as it’s not taboo or overly serious.

Find something offbeat to ask instead — such as what song makes this person compelled to sing along when he or she hears it on the radio.

Email Icebreaker #8: “I just had to write to you because…” “A lot of people send the same canned emails out over and over again, and there’s nothing personal about it,” says Sophie Winters, author of The Cha Cha Club Dating Man-ifesto.

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