Alexandra chando dating zach roerig

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I have a really hard time getting emotional, and for a lot of this stuff I have to get emotional. But the drama’s cool, too — to actually sit down and figure out [motivation]. I’m more like a silly, geeky jokester, and he’s more of a dry humor — kind of clever. If you mean was I developing the character and said, “Okay, I’m going to take some of Henry’s traits,” I didn’t do that. It’s not that I’ve become complacent or anything, but I know everyone there is behind me. I love the people who play my parents, Scott (Holmes, Tom) and Ellen (Dolan, Margo).

With comedy, I don’t have to worry, “Am I going to be able to cry today? It’s not just, “Okay, I know my line: ‘Blah, blah, blah…ha-ha,'” like comedy is. Weekly: Zach, the Hughes family is such an Oakdale force. I guess you still get pressure when you have a big scene coming up, but it’s a good work environment. Weekly: Do either of you frequent the message boards and Web sites for ATWT?

Chando: Someone started a My Space page for me, though. My friends were responding to it like, “Oh, my God. I haven’t talked to you in forever.” Do you think I’d really make a My Space?

Roerig: You know who I wish would have gotten that part and would have been a cool Superman?

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