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The shop is always crowded with guests who like Hitomi who is kind to the beauty. Housewife Housewife Good couple marriage and Akira.

Gow also wants to get close to Hitomi, but he does not get it. The couple who enjoy business affairs in their restaurant Break time markers as usual and share intense affairs in the shop.

The butcher’s shop is popular due to its flavorful meat. Meanwhile, man’s body is found at a hotel near the butcher’s shop. Soon, more murders are found with similarities to the first murder. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Etto is an ordinary housewife. One day, from the alumni who moved to the next house, she gets to know her contact with Nozawa, her first love.

I will contact Nozawa by chance, and Nozawa suggests to meet Eto once. (Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Andorina spent her half-life there when her younger parents immigrated to Mexico.

It is a life without compromise for others to see, but the inside of her is the expectation that I received from my childhood and the cold The evaluation is always empty and ...

(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Erina who separated the angel doll which is a token of love with her lover and went to the theater to watch a movie together one day.

The so-called “keratoconus” disease quickly, will soon lose vision.

In such a process, he was forced by a girlfriend ...

What is the outcome of their dangerous cohabitation? Usually good eyesight, Junmai was diagnosed as hard to believe the diagnosis.

The two men and the beasts life does not deserve a job after graduating from college buddy.

Kim seemed bold and seemingly hotang but grew up listening only to the patriarchal and always scolding stubborn father.

In one of their quiet offices, one day they started calling the phone without knowing their intentions, ...

(Synopsis / Review) Film Story: Kanzaki Ai is a senior admission to famous universities, and after graduation, he works as a lecturer at a famous entrance school.

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