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At the July SNAP conference, Blaine spoke about priests who believe they have been mistreated by the authorities and want to countersue.

She said they may have “a legal right,” but they “don’t have a moral right to do so.” This is what SNAP means by justice.

That man was his brother, Kevin, a Catholic priest. What is not understandable is his outrage at bishops when they voice the same sentiment about their brother priests. Is SNAP really upset about child porn, or just when a priest is involved? Steve Taylor is a psychiatrist who is in prison for downloading child porn on his computer.

Feeling conflicted, David wondered, “he’s my brother; he’s an abuser. He is not just an ordinary shrink with a sick appetite—he worked for SNAP for years.

SNAP’s director, David Clohessy, began his activist career by working for ACORN, the now discredited far-left wing organization.

In 1988, while watching the movie, “Nuts,” he had a revelation: his memory exploded with tales of being molested by a priest 20 years earlier.

SNAP is so anti-priest that its Kentucky chapter leader once lobbied state authorities to warn residents when Catholic priests who have been accused, , of sexual abuse move into their neighborhood. A few years ago, in California, a boy’s father alleged that his son had been abused by a priest in the 1990s. The alleged victim, now a grown man, said it never happened.

Dolan knew nothing about it until the cops were called. It also accused Dolan of “acting secretively” about a previous case where a priest was suspended.

But Dolan was not in New York at the time—he was the Archbishop of Milwaukee.

You may visit the Project’s blog page as well, where we periodically post links to ebooks appropriate to feasts of the saints and/or to historical or contemporary events of Catholic relevance.

This ad, written by Bill Donohue, was rejected by the Kansas City Star, without explanation.

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