Coach k basketball camp adults

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The neat thing is the players think its fun, but I know they are also learning valuable basketball skills. The "challenge" drill and "war" helped the boys get more aggressive in rebounding and defense in our game this week already. This was a fun way to key in on many different skills at once.I was able to pair my players up on skill levels, but also taught my team to work together.I have used many of them to great effect with the 6-12 yr olds that I coach, they love doing the drills. Dean Glover Birmingham, England These drills are great. I am usung it during the summer for a kids basketball camp from 8 to 12. I forgot about having to spend hours looking for drills. Buying a shelf book, I have to scan or copy the pages Dave Werrett Candle Lake, Sask, Canada We did several of the drills in practice this week and the boys had a great time.I can hardly call them drills because they are fun and the players really like them. What I am doing is making the drills even more competitve this year to avoid the boredom. They really like the competition and were already asking if we are going to do them for the next practice. I was not only finding my players getting tired of the same drills, myself as a coach was also.Teaching my stronger players to play at the other players level without turning the ball over. Kids loved the drills and made practice fun and helped with their development.

The best part is when i have asked for special tips Jeff has always been able to reply to me quickly with assistance and ideas. Hi, the 60 fun drills is in my opinion one of the most important and difficult works I can find on the basketball drills market.

That gives the coach time to concentrate for next drill and players spend interesting minutes on the floor.

And there are not many fun drills available at all.

Plus I have not gotten the sigh of not this drill again.

In this short time period, we saw a huge jump in the girls dribbling skills.

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