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The next time the user needs that resource (such as a script or logo that appears on every page), the browser doesn’t have to download it again. Here’s a quick refresher on how a web browser gets a page from the server: (The actual HTTP protocol may have minor differences.) Caching seems fun and easy. After all, the file may have changed on the server and there could be an updated version.The browser saves a copy of a file (like a logo image) and uses this cached (saved) copy on each page that needs the logo. So why bother caching if we can’t be sure if the file is good? One fix is for the server to tell the browser what version of the file it is sending. Comparing versions with the modification time generally works, but could lead to problems.The header looks like this: However, be wary that some cache directives only work on newer HTTP 1.1 browsers.If you are doing special caching of authenticated pages then read more about caching.But the reason is simple: site performance is a feature. Users hate waiting, we get frustrated by buffering videos and pages that pop together as images slowly load. Time invested in site optimization is well worth it, so let’s dive in. The shiny new logo needs to go with the shiny new site, caches be damned.Caching is a great example of the ubiquitous time-space tradeoff in programming. In the case of websites, the browser can save a copy of images, stylesheets, javascript or the entire page. So even though the browser has the logo, it doesn’t know whether the image can be used.

Sure, it’s better than buying a new gallon each time, but it’s not exactly wonderful. As soon as it goes expires, we contact the server for a fresh copy, with a new expiration date.Specific crawlers are also known as user-agents (a crawler uses its user-agent to request a page.) Google's standard web crawler has the user-agent name attributes are non-case sensitive.Search engines may have different crawlers for different properties or purposes. For example, to show a page in Google's web search results, but not in Google News, use the following meta tag: Directives specified without a user-agent are valid for all crawlers.Back to top Several other directives can be used to control indexing and serving with the robots meta tag and the . The following table shows all the directives that Google honors and their meaning.Note: it is possible that these directives may not be treated the same by all other search engine crawlers.

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