Dating site open ended questions for toddlers

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Even though there's much more to us than our professions and lots of people don't define themselves by their jobs at all, many of us still begin date conversations with "What do you do?

" because we're at a loss for questions to ask on first dates.

Presumably, you reside in the same city, so that city is a built-in talking point.

The question of how they like their neighborhood also opens up a can of worms: Did they like their last neighborhood better?

Even if they hated their major and chose it due to pressure from their parents, that's a topic of conversation itself.

These questions can all get you beyond small talk if you ask them the right way.

Maybe they like their roommates now but their last roommate situation was a disaster, and you can chime in with your own roommate horror stories.

Are they aching to get out of the city like you, or do they love the hustle and bustle?

Do they see themselves starting a family in the suburbs, or does the phrase "settle down" fill them with dread? But in my experience, that'll come up anyway as you ask more substantive questions, if you don't already know from their online dating profile.

We all love to act like know-it-alls once in a while.

If you know something about your date's field, ask them for an expert's take on it.

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