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At this time Armando had come back up to east, central Washington to spend time with his family and friends to celebrate his birthday.We had talked a few times since he had been up, he was happily busy catching up and spending time with his family, so we had decided I would give him a ride back to his place in Oregon. ” By Anthony of Houston, TX (January 3rd, 2018) A few months ago I was in Orange County, California, visiting my friend Joshua. We were in the same grade and were best friends up until he moved to California with his family when we were in High School.

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I was excited but also a little nervous about going because even though we stayed in touch touch over the years by social media I had not seen him since he moved. I mean what if I went there and he was this big anti-gay person who hated gay people and told me that he didn’t want me staying at his house?We would have to play a game where one person would wear stove mittens and try to unwrap the gift while the next person would have to flip a cup that had to land standing up.Once the cup landed right they would then take the stove mittens and continue trying to unwrap the present.Hint: Open stories in a new window to save your place on this page.“LET’S MAKE A DEAL” By Henry of Fresno, CA (February 7th, 2018) When I was 20 I used to work for a department store in the men’s section.

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