Free website see sex offenders

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Family Watchdog isn’t the only site to offer this service.

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Family Watchdog is a free resource that allows you to search by name or location to find registered offenders.We accept affiliate commissions through some of the links on ASecure in order to keep our site running. Not just the people who live right next door, but the house on the corner where your child waits for the school bus, the tenants below you, or that retired couple who just moved in.However, we do not let that compensation influence our ratings and recommendations. Laws like Megan’s Law require that convicted sex offenders register their names and addresses with a national database and that this information be made available to the public.Family Watchdog also allows you to sign up for email notifications to get alerts when an offender moves into your neighborhood.You can also have notifications set up for the places you and your family frequent, such as a school, library, park, church, family member’s house, or daycare center.

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