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Whenever someone is describing their partner and comes out with “he’s a nice guy and…” then the countdown clock to their break-up has started.Here’s the secret to overcoming being the “nice guy” and becoming the “hot guy”.Trying to appeal to as many as possible is how you get bland pablum like ; something that may have been interesting at first but shambles on through sheer inertia, with as much depth as a puddle.It creates banalities that will disappear from the collective memory as soon as people look away.You have it or you don’t and there’s nothing you can do about it. Yes, some people have a natural charisma, but this doesn’t mean you . The thing that people misunderstand about that “oomph” factor is the same thing we misunderstand about attraction.We tend to assume that it’s all based purely on looks, rather than on the right there!On the other side of things, you have Matt Smith’s portrayal of The Doctor who’s the living definition of “adorkable”. They tend to define themselves by their limitations and never challenge those beliefs. There’s something perversely comforting in feeling like you know exactly what your limits are. At the same time, trying to figure out who you are and how to find your cool can be intimidating in its vastness.He’s not smooth, he’s not sexy in the traditional sense but he has the manic energy of Tigger after four double espressos, and you can’t help but be carried along. You’re freed up from responsibility from challenging yourself and risking failure. In a world of seemingly endless potential, where in fuck do you even Well, you start with your archetype – the stereotype that most closely resembles who you are at your core.

Travis Fimmel’s Ragnar Lodbrok has a look and a smile that’s pure sex when he wants it to be.

Not the limited version of who you you could be if you let go of your earthly tethers and fly.

To give a personal example, it’s not an accident that my confidence and skill has increased with the number of tattoos I’ve gotten.

That sense of “this is a guy who thinks getting Belgian waffles and ice cream would be amazing” makes him incredibly appealing in ways that somebody beautiful but cold doesn’t.

But that doesn’t mean that being goofy and funny is the He’s not a goof-ball; he’s calm and controlled and utterly dependable.

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    The man meets a young woman who wants to stay in Columbus with her mother, a recovering addict, instead of pursuing her own dreams.