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Today, Telemar and its subsidiaries offer local, long distance and international voice and data services, besides a growing mobile phone network. But on March 1, 2007, Telemar rebranded itself to "Oi", unifying all of its companies and services under the Oi umbrella. In 2007, Oi started selling only unlocked handsets, focusing on SIM card and plan sales.

The Brazilian army said Thursday it is sending elite troops and military aviation to a state where more than 100 people are reported to have been killed since police went on strike.

Rio has recently faced violent protests against austerity reforms, stretching police resources.

Brazilian law bars the Military Police -- as the force patrolling cities throughout Latin America's biggest country is known -- from going on strike.

However, persistent rumors on social media have struck a nerve.

State Governor Luis Fernando Pezao told Radio Gaucha in an interview early Thursday that he'd asked the federal authorities to put the army and elite National Force on standby in case the situation deteriorates, Globo television reported.

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