Is rajon rondo still dating ashley bachelor as of 2018

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Name: David Lee Age: 32 Team: Boston Celtics Why he’s hot: David Lee's had a career that most only dream of—a good run at the Knicks and the Warriors, helping the latter win the playoffs last year.However, let's pour one out for the classy way that Lee said good-bye to the entire Warriors team and staff when he got traded to the Celtics last summer—he bought everyone Chipotle. Name: Serge Ibaka Age: 26 Team: Oklahoma City Thunder Why he’s hot: Ibaka began playing basketball in the Congo as a young boy, and soon moved to Spain to play professionally.Also of note for cat enthusiasts: Each twin has a cat and a respective Instagram for said cat.Name: Jeremy Lin Age: 27 Team: Charlotte Hornets Why he’s hot: You might remember Jeremy from the Linsanity craziness, but he's a man of many talents, as he's definitely carved a niche for himself on the Internet as well.The NBA All-Star game is upon us and so is Valentine’s Day weekend. We think not—we’d love for any and all of this year’s ballers to be our valentines.It’s no big secret that basketball players are exceptionally fun to watch (and not always just for their skills on the court)—and this season’s drafts in particular are especially easy on the eyes. We’ve rounded up the 30 hottest guys in the NBA, for your viewing pleasure.

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Name: Zach La Vine Age: 20 Team: Minnesota Timberwolves Why he’s hot: At just 20, La Vine is one of the youngest players in the league; he joined after just one year of playing for UCLA.Unfortunately, this is vastly underappreciated by most of the fans (at least in comparison to Blake Griffin and De Andre Jordan). This summer, however, his contract with Memphis is up—he'll be one to watch as the bidding goes down.Name: Kyrie Irving Age: 23 Team: Cleveland Cavaliers Why he’s hot: At 23, Kyrie Irving has already established himself as a household name for the Cavaliers and netted a wildly successful Nike shoe deal, all after leaving Duke for the NBA.Name: Blake Griffin Age: 26 Team: Los Angeles Clippers Why he’s hot: What's not to love about Blake Griffin?Sure, he's got a bit of a temper (he's currently out and suspended from four games for punching a team staff member), but Blake's proved time and again that he has charisma on and off the court. Hailed as the NBA's newest antihero (or villain, as some have said), it's no wonder that the headstrong Harden has both captured the affection of Khloe Kardashian and provoked the ire of Lil B the Based God.

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