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We want to showcase different artist at Suley en Vogue Nights at The Ruins, Bring your best act and show us what you can do. Saturday, February 25, Noon-2 pm & Sunday, February 26, 3-5 pmat The Ruins, 570 Roy Street, Seattle, 98109Note: There is a piano onsite but we will not be providing an accompanist for the auditions. Your time commitment will be approximately 3-4 hours.If needed, please bring you own accompanist, CD player and/or sound system is looking for trios of women that represent three generations of a family (i.e. Second Story Repertory is holding auditions for our February TYA production of Elephant & Piggie’s “We are in a Play! Audition Date: Thursday December 15, 2016 pm-10pm Audition Requirements: Please come with headshot and resume.Please use the links to the left to post your AUDITION notices and/or NEWS stories.(This is a free bulletin board. An evening for families to enjoy an hour of Halloween thrills and chills at the new Seattle Chocolate factory tour. Location: Tukwila, near the South Center Mall Compensation: Minimum Wage/Hourly Rehearsal/Tech Evening: October 18th at pm.Seattle does not screen submissions other thanto check for relevance. Show/Performances: Thursday, October 19th Friday, October 20th Saturday, October 21st.He is naive and lives at home in the carriage house on his parents’ estate. He was one of the producers on Calvin Lee Reeder’s THE PROCEDURE, also shot by Jacob Rosen, which took home the US Narrative Short Jury prize at Sundance is 2016. Please bring headshot and resume if possible No audition necessary. Halloween show at our Tukwila factory to drive awareness of our company and new tours.

While he tends to wax poetic about his glory days, he is currently jaded and spiteful, and out to get his current residents for neglect.

M - Male, 30s to early-40s - Biting wit that can border on condescension.

He loves John dearly and desperately wants to hold on to him, but can also treat him like a child. Traditional in ways but accepting of John and M's relationship; he loves his son and just wants to see him happy. Actors of all ethnicities are encouraged to audition. AUDITION DATE: Saturday, March 4th EMAIL AMANDA FRIOU TO SCHEDULE AUDITION APPOINTMENT: [email protected] will be provided when appointment is scheduled.

Be prepared to do cold readings and improv exercises. Needing to cast OLD MAN PARKER in our production of A Christmas Story, The Musical. 2-12 DATE: Wednesday, 8/30/2017, 9 am- 5 pm, Need audience members for a guitar instructional video You will be the 'students' (people acting as students) in the video.

Please bring your headshot, resume and your sheet music in the correct key. Characters: Narrator—Soprano (NOTE: this role has been precast) Joseph—Tenor Pharaoh—Tenor/ Baritone Jacob—Baritone Baker—Tenor/ Baritone Butler—Tenor/ Baritone Brothers—Mixed male ranges (NOTE: the brothers roles will be open to any gender) Potiphar—Baritone Mrs. A Nymphodementiac [MINOR] MORTON: Brick’s chauffeur [MINOR] BRANDI IBERCHEV: Stripper with no aspirations whatsoever. [MINOR] TACO TRUCK OWNER: Owner of a taco truck, also head chef[MINOR] ROBBER[MINOR] STRIP CLUB MANAGER CASTING at the Seattle Film Institute. You will need to sit with your guitar (if you don't have a guitar, we will provide one), look attentive, strum here and there, and play the A & E chords.

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