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The Oral Torah passed from generation to generation and was never written down(2). This worked exceptionally well as long as the central authority ― the Sanhedrin ― remained intact, and the chain of transmission was not interrupted.(That is, teachers were able to freely pass on their wisdom to the next generation of students.) But in the days since the destruction of the Temple, the Sanhedrin had been repeatedly uprooted and teachers had to go into hiding.He was also a man of tremendous personal wealth, which put him in a position to wheel and deal and do what needed to get done, not just with the Jews in the Land of Israel but with the Roman authorities as well. E and with his death came an improvement in the treatment of the Jewish community in Israel.During a period of relative quiet, Rabbi Yehudah Ha Nasi managed to befriend the Roman emperors who succeeded Hadrian, particularly Marcus Aurelius (161-180 C. Writes historian Rabbi Berel Wein in his Echoes of Glory (p.At a site called Beit She'arim (where the Sanhedrin had previously been located prior to its move to Tzipori), there is a vast number of burial caves carved into the side of a mountain. beginning with Rabbi Shimon the son of Hillel the Elder and ending with Rabbi Yossi ben Yehuda.Based on evidence found at the site, archaeologists believe that one of these caves contains the grave of Rabbi Yehudah Ha Nasi, along with many other great scholars of that time. During the centuries following the completion of the Mishnah, the chain of transmission of the Oral law was further weakened by a number of factors: Economic hardship and increased persecution of the Jewish community in Israel caused many Jews, including many rabbis, to flee the country.

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All this material he redacted in the Mishnah, which was diligently taught in public, and thus became universally known among the Jewish people.

224): Providentially, in the course of the Parthian war, Marcus Aurelius met Rabbi [Yehudah Ha Nasi], and they became friends and eventually confidants.

Marcus Aurelius consulted with his friend in Judah on matters of state policy as well as on personal questions.(1) The years of Marcus Aurelius' reign, ending in his death in 180, was the high-water mark in the intercourse between Rome and the Jews.

This decentralization of Torah authority and lack of consensus among the rabbis led to further weakening of the transmission process.

It became clear to the sages of this period that the Mishnah alone was no longer clear enough to fully explain the Oral Law.

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