Scenester dating benefits of dating a single mom

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Your first date: You meet at a Cuban joint and eat oxtail stew.She asks you about your favorite restaurants and you struggle to keep up with the conversation.She works as a waitress, and plays solo shows and open mics around town on her off nights.She has the rock ‘n’ roll chic look down pat, though she always says that she “just threw this on.” She mostly dates guys in sorta-known bands.She works from home and has a long list of restaurants that she has to visit.You’re not exactly sure what she does for a living, but supposedly it’s marketing and she enjoys a lot of perks.

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The inevitable breakup: She takes a lot of selfies and posts them on Instagram. You start to feel insecure, and she smells it like a shark catching a whiff of blood in the water. Neighborhood: West Loop Susan believes that a good meal is always worth the price because it nourishes the soul. ) and chronicles her meals like she’s Louis Joliet charting Lake Erie.Click here for more from The New York Post's Page Six.Dating is kind of like traveling abroad: at first it’s exciting but then you start waking up in weird-smelling places, run out of money, and realize that you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. You get into a heated argument during dinner at a trendy restaurant and before the food arrives, ask for the check as discreetly as possible.Neighborhood: River North Jess works as an event planner, lives in a new condo, and always looks Instagram-worthy. She doesn’t really like bottle service that much, but her friends get it all the time, so why not? She’s been at her company for 18 months and is thinking about jumping ship to another startup. Your first date: Jo meets you for a cocktail at Japonais right after she finishes up work at 8pm.She constantly finds herself on RSVP lists and work is perpetually interesting. The perks are better there, they have these cool chairs and there’s a barista on site. You’re super impressed by her smarts, she talks about work a lot, but you think her glasses are hot.

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