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When luscious teen lips meet for soft, erotic kisses and full on tongue dancing action it’s insanely arousing and it’s just the start as the foreplay moves to nipple sucking and lesbian pussy fingering.

Soon the girls are soaked with lust and the clit licking is what brings them off in erotic lezzy action that always has an orgasmic climax.

Yet when Janet arrives at her dressing room, when she's standing before me in leather and suede form-fitting pants and tight halter top, when she slides into an easy chair next to me, I find myself backing off. "We're all sensitive people," Marvin Gaye sings in "Let's Get It On," a song that has undoubtedly influenced the current direction of Jackson's career. Up close, in the flesh, she's being so damn sincere, I question my own sincerity; Janet Jackson gives off a good-girl vibe that only a cad would challenge. In the age of AIDS, it certainly requires being responsible. There are a couple of love songs, but the record centers on social ills.

Her sensitivity is as apparent as the body she has worked so hard to perfect. But here is what I see: soft shy smile, tiny waist, snappy booty – among her dancers, the troupe she calls the Kids, Janet's nickname is Booty – high cheekbones, copper coloring to her hair, luminous skin. The music is pumping, the message obvious as an orgasm. Yet, here with Janet, I'm reluctant to bring up sex. Despite this new album and its preoccupation with carnal knowledge, despite this battery of sizzling videos, Janet silently demands decorum on the part of an interviewer. On a psychological level, though, good sex, satisfying sex, is also linked with losing yourself, releasing, using your body to get out of your body. I love feeling deeply sexual – and don't mind letting the world know. The problem was with my perception, not with their hearts. Her singing is stronger – especially her self-styled harmonies, her way of shadowing herself.

She pauses, her sensual mouth breaking into a small smile."Look," she continues, "sex has been an important part of me for several years.

You could say I've entered a happy phase of sexuality."I urge her to be more specific.

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