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I talked to Jeremy this past weekend and this so called little girl was at a friend of his house with lots of people there.

They all seen what went on and from what I understand she was coming on to him and when he wouldn't give in then she went home and told her mom that he did something to her cause she got pissed off that he wouldn't!

Jeremy this is your concerned friend,neighbor and adoptive mom on the corner block!!

XO I have known Jeremy for quite a few years and he has never done anything like that, just because people hang out with younger people or what not doesn't make them molesters, he is a very good person.

maybe you should do your homework and follow up since you are so smart. Own my own home, never did drugs, never stole, I have raised my children without utilities getting shut off or begging others to help. Gee, maybe I should take it as a compliment that I am in everyones thoughts as making money off something that you all give away so freely to every Tom, Dick and harry and their brother and his friends. Half the time they dont know what they are even pleading guilty to.

People that know me know i could care less about men especially men around here.

So watch him everyone be alert there is another sexual predator in name is jeremy upole and he is 29 years old and has been molesting young girls.

So watch him Some people in this town make me sick meaning YOU concerned neighbor, I have know Jeremy for quit afew years and never in my life have I seen or heard anything out of that boy but good!!

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So parents keep a watch on your lives on 6 th also hangs out at The Bottoms Up bar.

You people are the sick ones to even say something like that about someone you have no clue about. look much older,dress more like they are 21 and drink alchohol smoke cigs and who knows what else besides getting guys in trouble.

Quit the bullshit and slandering and go GET A LIFE.because you aren't happy with life doesn't give you the right to fuck someone else's life up for no damn reason...... all of you that think that you no ask him why he was ARRESSTED AND IS BEING CHARGED BY THE WEST UNION SHERIFFES OFFICE for molesting a 14 year old girl. I know a lot of guys who have gotten in trouble and shouldnt have been. I agree I see kids anywhere from about 8 years old and up walking these streets. Then when something happens their parents wanna sit around wondering why.

They all cheat,lie,are either alchoholics or drug addicts or bums.

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